We Thrive On Providing the Best Products and Services at the Best Prices.


One day, me and a good friend of mine sat down for a coffee to catch up on life. The topic of cannabis came up eventually, as we reminisced our younger days of buying weed from strange individuals and not knowing what we were getting; to smoking in my basement away from the stresses of teen life. Oh those were the days. Move forward 15 years and now we have dispensaries where we can walk-in and pick up a gram of well curated product.

There was only one issue…

My friend was still buying from a dealer. He explained that the stigma around the industry still made it impossible for him to walk into a dispensary for fear of his reputation on the professional front. “Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could just get it to my door?” I answered “You will, i’ll bet you two ounces.” and that was the start our vision, our dream: To provide Quality Cannabis Products Discreetly and Safely to Your Door.


From our products to our customer service, we value quality at every end.

We take no short-cuts in order to ensure that you, the consumer has the best experience. From signing up to to receiving your package in the mail, we want to be with you every step of the way

  • Our highly trained staff are product experts that can assist you with any questions.
  • Our network of vetted growers ensures we get good quality products every time
  • Our quality assurance team inspects all batches received with 100% scrutiny


We take further steps to ensure that your privacy and information is protected at all cost. We do not and will not engage in the sale your personal information with any individual or corporation.

All of our information is stored on secure encrypted servers that are in a secure undisclosed location.

Our packaging comes in unmarked indestructo mailers to ensure privacy, and that the product is unharmed upon arrival at your door.


We treat Cannabis as medicine and we want to make sure all the people that need this medicine get the treatment they deserve.

This means we do want anyone tampering with your package. We use a mixture of security measures to ensure packages that have been tampered with are clearly evident to protect our consumers from any potential harm.

Any packages that are lost or stolen are replaced or reimbursed as credit. (w/ limitations – please see FAQs Page)

Free shipping Canada Wide only - on Orders over $150.00