This is a curated selection of our Hashish. Hashish, also known as hash is an older type of concentrate that involves the separation of trichomes from the cannabis plant without using a solvent. The crystals are than pressed together to form the hash. Due to the various different methods of production, there are a lot of different types of hash. Hash is not a pure concentrate, but it does pack quite a punch.

Concentrates, although being on the cannabis scene for many years, have only recently become more popular. As different techniques and methods of extraction are being standardized, we are seeing a variety of different types of concentrate products being produced by some of the most popular companies in the industry.

Our Commitment

The DOC Team is committed to only selling what we believe are the best products in today’s cannabis market. From cannabis products such as flowers and concentrate, to accessories such as vaporizers and grinders, we  vow to carry what is both popular and functional.  We are also proud to provide quality customer service, and educate our customers on products we sell.

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