Hazlenut Crunch Cannabar – 150mg | Baked Edibles


Current Dosage: 210mg THC (Canadian Market) 5mg THC per serving (1 piece)

Cannabis flavour strength – 4/10

Body-balanced, mentally uplifting effect.

Lab tested for accurate dosage.


Hazlenut Crunch Cannabar

What could be better than freshly toasted hazelnuts, mixed with fair-trade hazelnut chocolates and THC oil?  Tempered by our master chocolatiers, these mouth-watering chocolate bars are one of our signature products


Hazelnut Milk Chocolate (sugar, Hazelnuts, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Unsweetened Chocolate, Soy Lecithin), Milk Chocolate (sugar. Cocoa Butter, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Salt), Cannabis Thc Extract



About the Brand

Based out of Victoria, B.C., Baked Edibles Inc. is the longest-running medical cannabis bakery in Canada. Their rich heritage in the cannabis industry dates back over twenty years and includes the critical R v. Smith Supreme Court victory that mandates access to all cannabis derivatives for medical purposes.

Baked Edibles is known for their hard-hitting, reliable and tested cannabis products which are recognized across Canada for their quality of taste and consistency of dosage. Each of their products are made with locally-sourced and high quality ingredients wherever possible. Over the last two years, their dedication to product research and development led to a rapid expansion across Canada that has put their brand at the forefront of the derivatives industry


Edibles are meant for more experienced cannabis uses because of the strength of THC when ingested. More information on this topic coming soon.


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